I’m Natalie Ford.

I’m thrilled you stopped by my site. I wear a lot of hats. I am an author, a teacher, and a licensed professional counselor. After losing my first husband, Michael, and my mother-in-law, Sherrie to suicide, I became an advocate for mental health. For too long the church avoided the subject, and I strive to break the stigma by talking about mental illness and suicide from a Christian worldview.

Count it all joy!

Three truths that give me hope:

  1. God is a good God.
  1. He is still on the throne.
  1. We can trust Him.

I hope that together we can:

  • Dig into God’s Word for messages of hope
  • Rest in the sovereignty of God (God sees and hears us, and He has a plan)
  • Trust God even when life doesn’t make sense
  • Take off the mask and risk vulnerability with those we trust


One of Natalie’s greatest joys is sharing messages of hope, joy, and peace with others! She enjoys speaking at women’s events, to counselors, and to church groups about mental health from a biblical perspective.

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