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Dr. Natalie Ford is a Licensed Professional Counselor who teaches psychology at a local university. She strives to help others to find hope in God’s sovereignty and in God’s Word. Having lost her first husband to suicide, Natalie seeks to use her professional knowledge and her personal experience to help others faced with difficult circumstances with the necessary tools to cope. You’ll find evidence of her faith, her journey, and her expertise in all of her books.

Seeking Answers, Finding Peace: Loving and Losing Someone with Mental Illness

“You are a sorry excuse for a wife. I don’t know why I put up with you.”

Natalie’s heart broke. What was happening to the kind, compassionate man she had married?

Several years into their marriage, Natalie’s husband, Michael transformed into a different person. Plagued with depression, he struggled to regain his normally cheerful and effervescent personality. After the depression came terrifying fits of rage and frenzied behavior that Michael couldn’t control, and Natalie was helpless to understand. Unfortunately, Michael’s bipolar disorder eventually led to his suicide.

Throughout the years that followed, Natalie sought answers and instead found peace – peace that surpasses understanding. 

Natalie eventually remarried and unfortunately suicide was no longer stuck in the past. Her husband, Jeff’s mom took her own life after her own struggles with mental illness.

In Seeking Answers, Finding Peace, Natalie details the tribulations of dealing with the mental illness of a loved one. Debunking stigma and presenting practical advice, she offers hope to readers whose loved ones have dealt with mental illness or suicide.

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Grace-Based Counseling: An Effective New Biblical Model

“You speak God’s truth when you counsel. But do you also communicate His grace?”

The Christian counselor or pastor plays an important role in helping people process the trauma they’ve experienced. Too often, a client leaves the counselor’s office with feelings of guilt and shame. They feel the heavy burden of what they did wrong. But somehow, they’ve missed the grace of God that makes things right again.

A counseling model that stays true to a biblical worldview will overflow with grace… not cheap grace, but real grace that acknowledges sin while offering a hopeful path to redemption and healing. In Grace-Based Counseling, professional counselors Richard Fowler and Natalie Ford offer a model that blends the truths of Scripture, the science of psychology, and the everlasting hope of the gospel. In this book you will find:

  • New, grace-based counseling model
  • Detailed application of the model, with case studies
  • Practical toolbox with surveys, assessments, and counseling helps

A Christian counseling model can’t just be about admonishment. That approach only leads to shame and human efforts that are doomed to fail. But when the gospel is brought to bear in the counseling relationship, real life change is possible. Then the counselor becomes an instrument of divine grace in the hands of a faithful God.

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Tears to Joy: Finding Hope in the Presence of Bipolar Disorder and Suicide

Contact me to order the first edition of Tears to Joy. Limited quantities available.

Tears to Joy helps readers to:

  • Eradicate guilt and shame associated with mental illness or suicide
  • Find hope in times of suffering
  • Practically assist loved ones who are struggling with mental illness or who have lost someone to suicide
  • Understand what the Bible teaches about depression and suicide