When Your Words Came, I Ate Them.

I have been struggling to write since I returned from Africa. There is so much to tell and to process that I have put off writing until now.

My husband provided devotional thoughts for me to read while I was away so that we would both be meditating on the same scriptures from different continents. This was the perfect start to my days — connecting with the Lover of My Soul and the Love of My Life.

One morning I read Jeremiah 15:16. At first glance the verse confused me. 

“When your words came, I ate them; they were my joy and my heart’s delight, for I bear your name, Lord God Almighty.”

I ate your words…what in the world?? Upon further reflection, God blessed me through this verse.

We often gather with others around the table to enjoy good food. After the meal, we are satisfied. Can we say the same about God’s Word? Are we satisfied after sitting down and feasting on the Word?

Jeremiah was not only satisfied, but the Word gave him joy and delight. While in Africa, we had the privilege of teaching discipleship classes to women. Studying the Word in preparation was tedious at times, but hearing the women retell God’s Word accurately brought deep satisfaction and joy. 

As Americans we take so much for granted. We have millions of brothers and sisters in Christ who either cannot read or do not have access to the Word in their native language. When they hear the Word being taught, they hunger for more. Can we say the same?

Seeing lives being transformed by the Word brought unspeakable delight. In order to experience the joy that comes from God’s Word, we must first eat it. I heard a pastor once say that we shouldn’t come to church to eat, but should come for dessert. We should be eating from the Word daily. 

On my day in Africa I saw several lions eating a wildebeest. The mom ate first and then prompted the cubs to come and join her. It was fascinating to watch and it makes me wonder how often we invite others to come and partake of the Word with us. Are we intentional about sharing with others what God is teaching us? 

I am so thankful for a God that offers daily sustenance for our souls. I am also thankful for a husband who places a high priority on spending time daily with the Lord. 

So, one take away I have from my trip to Africa is a renewed appreciation and hunger for the Word.  May we eat from it daily!

DSC_2702 (2)
The lions on their way to dinner.

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  1. Thank you Natalie for sharing. I’ve been trying to meditate more on scripture lately, and not just read and move on, seeking what God has me in that passage. I’ve had to deliberately work on being quiet and still…that stuff is hard for a self admitted fixer!

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