Slowing Down

After I finished last week’s post about slowing down in 2021, I came across some rather interesting information. Fall has always been my favorite season. Having grown up in South Georgia where things are mostly green year round, I was thrilled when I experienced my first autumn in North Georgia. I was mesmerized by the various hues of red, orange and yellow. I never really thought about what caused the colors, only focused on their beauty.

I read last week that in winter, there isn’t enough water or light for plants to produce food, so the trees take a rest. As they do that, the green chlorophyll disappears from the leaves, revealing bits of yellow and orange that have been there all along. We just can’t see those colors in the summer because they’re covered up by the green.

What a great lesson for us! The bold colors only appear when the trees productivity shuts down. God tells us to take a sabbath — to rest. When we do so, I believe His Holy Spirit shines through us brighter and bolder than when we strive tirelessly to do more and more. Perhaps by adding seasons of rest, we can better reflect His glory.

I love this analogy! As we are in the throws of winter, may we not fight the times or quiet and boredom (often caused by the isolation of quarantine), but may we embrace them knowing that spring is coming. Even in the cold, in the darkness, God is molding us into his image.

I am so grateful that seasons change. I only pray that I will grow more with each passing season.

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