Having the Right Tools

I never quite understood why the men in my life had so many tools. I mean, isn’t one hammer enough? Why do you need to keep all of those extra bolts and screws? “You never know when it might come in handy,” my step-dad would say. The funny thing is, now we too, seem to have accumulated all sorts of tools — some we use more often than others.

I’ve learned the same can be said of my daily walk with the Lord. I need the right “tools” at the right time for guidance. When faced with decisions, Holy Spirit often brings scriptures to mind, but if I only have a limited amount of verses to draw from in my heart and mind, then that can be a problem for me. As a counselor, I’m always teaching skills to add to a person’s toolkit. God recently convicted me that my spiritual toolkit is lacking. I know a decent amount about scripture, but when it comes to actually knowing and quoting THE scripture, I fall dramatically short.

My grandmother has lost most of her vision, and recently told me she wished she’d memorized more of the Word when she could see, because now she is dependent on her memory. This was convicting for me. I have no valid reason for not memorizing the scriptures. I have decided that in 2021, I am going to make a conscious attempt to hide God’s Word in my heart. I’m not great at memorizing and was thrilled to be introduced to an app (Fighter Verses) that puts verses into songs to aid in the process. I’m trying.

I’d love to hear from you — what tips or aids help you to better memorize the Word?

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