Changing the Insanity

We’ve all heard it. The definition of insanity is repeating the same actions and expecting a different result. We keep binging on the potato chips before bed and pray to lose weight while we sleep. We keep yelling at our spouse but want a happier marriage. If we want change, we have to do things differently.

My mom has a red bird who visits frequently. While it is beautiful to see, the repeated sound of “bomp, bomp, bomp” as he continues to fly into her kitchen window is disturbing. Day after day the same bird visits sees his reflection in the mirror and goes into attack mode. I wonder if he thinks the “bomp” he feels when he hits the glass is an attack by “the other bird.” The crazy thing is the bird has NOT learned its lesson. Week after week it flies painfully into the same window.

We do the same thing. We continually foster habits that fail to bring us desired results. I’m asking God to show me these areas in my life and to give me motivation and discipline to change. I know it won’t be easy.

An Example

For example, I have never drunk enough water — ever. I can eat my meals without drinking at all. I rarely get thirsty. Not only is this unhealthy, but it also hinders weight loss, and since I need to get ready for the big wedding this summer (my daughter is getting hitched), I have decided to drink more water. I am striving to drink 8 glasses of water daily and man, it’s tough. Setting goals is the easy part; follow-through is the tough part. Obstacles can cause us to want to quit. I feel like I live in the bathroom. My daughter recently forbade me to drink water as we traveled across the state, complaining that I caused us to take too many stops. While this irritating side effect from drinking water frustrates me, I also know that it is good for me, so I continue to persevere.

What are you hoping to change in 2022? What are the obstacles that might get in your way, and how will you handle them so that you can keep on, keeping on?

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