Guest Post: Suicide Prevention in the Bible

I am proud to share with you a guest post written by my husband, Jeff.  Last week, our high school was in lockdown due to a suicide threat.  Jeff was working at the school when it happened, and below are some of his reflections on the event.
Guest Blogger: Jeff Ford

In September of last year, Natalie posted a prayer challenge and this vital information on her blog:

Pray that God will help anyone who is currently considering suicide to find hope and peace… I
(Natalie) also wanted to share with you a hotline for people who are
contemplating suicide. Write this number down and carry it with you:
re-posting her challenge as well as a devotional thought regarding
suicide prevention. I asked Natalie to allow me to be her guest
“blogger” this month. In light of last week’s White County High School crisis, and my close vicinity to the events, I hope I can encourage the readers of to be more informed in ways to help prevent suicide. 
It was a normal day at the High School.
We had just finished saying the pledge of allegiance when word of the
“full-lock-down” came on the intercom. Appropriate measures were made to
ensure the safety of the students in my classroom. It was a day unlike
any other we had ever experienced. I would later hear of the heroism and
preventative measures by faculty members at White County that saved the
life of a high school student. A student had felt like her circumstance
were so overwhelming that suicide was the answer. 
Suicide is a permanent solution to temporary problems. Suicide is never the answer. 
crisis at the High School ended in the best possible fashion. A life
was saved. In Acts 16:27-28, we discover a story of suicide prevention. A
Roman jail guard’s circumstances seemed so dire, that he set out to make
the most dreadful of decisions. The jailer believed his life
circumstances were so unbearable that he should take his own life. 
Paul, aware of the threat, reached out to him and
stopped him with words of hope: “Don’t do that! We are here.” The Roman jailer was on the verge of
making the worst decision he could ever make. His decision to commit
suicide was derailed because Paul spoke up. 
What the one in crisis thought were facts, “I am better off dead, my life is ruined, I have no other option, I
should end it all…” These were simply misconceptions. The truth is: you
are better off alive, your life is sacred, you have options, you should
start a new life. The crisis became the turning point. The jailer’s
life and the life
of his family were dynamically changed in the midst of the crisis. If
not for Paul’s words of wisdom, guidance, and clarification then the person in crisis would have gone through with his intentions and ended his
life. A life was saved. A life was changed. When the crisis ended, life
took on a new meaning. The jailer put his faith and trust in a new way
of life. The jailer was able to live as he was meant to live.
Through crisis hope is embraced. This is the story from Scripture, and this can also be the story for you. Amen. 
One last reminder: 

Write this number down and carry it with you: GEORGIA CRISIS AND ACCESS LINE / WWW.MYGCAL.COM / 1-800-715-4225

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  1. I'm so glad things ended well for this student. I have to say I've never thought about this Biblical example in terms of suicide prevention. But yeah, that's exactly what happened. A great reminder to speak up for someone who feels suicide is their only option.

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