God, Are You Listening?

Ever prayed for something over and over and over again only to feel like no one is listening? Most of the Old Testament prophets spoke the word of the Lord to the people, but Habakkuk spoke to God on behalf of the people. He felt like God wasn’t listening. In 2:3, God tells Habakkuk, “If it seems slow, wait for it.”

God tells us when we pray according to his will he hears us and will answer us — unfortunately it’s in his timing and not ours. I’ve been praying for years — yes YEARS — for the salvation of someone I love. Surely this is in accordance with God’s will. Despite my fervant prayers, my loved one is still lost.

So I continue to cry out to God. I believe his message to me is the same as what he told the Old Testament prophet — wait. In the waiting I can become angry and impatient; I can try and force things, but this is not helpful. God doesn’t need my help. He simply wants me to wait on his perfect timing.

What is it about waiting that is so tough? I’m curious, what has helped you during times of waiting.

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