Help! I’m Stressed and Worried.

This morning before rolling out of bed, I picked up my phone to scroll Facebook. The first five posts were all sharing about different people who died from COVID. Life right now is hard. As a counselor, I meet with people who are hurting on a regular basis; in addition to my clients, my family and friends are struggling. Helping others is especially challenging as I wrestle with my own heartaches. I don’t say this to gain sympathy, but to share with you that you are not alone.

The news is dismal; social media is flooded with conspiracy theories and arguments; everywhere we turn, situations are divisive. Many of us are grieving; we are fearful of the unknown (and there is a lot of that). Suffering tends to bring out whatever is in our hearts — for many of us, it’s not pretty.

I’m learning to put into practice many of the techniques I’ve taught clients for years. Recently, I was asked to contribute to an online course on Stress and Anxiety. Man was this timely! The course is 10 weeks long and each lesson is 10 minutes or less. There is a cost for the course, but you get 10 weeks worth of content from 15 experts for about the cost of 2 counseling sessions.

So many times I’ve pleaded and asked God what I can do to help those I love. Sometimes he’s called me to prayer; other times to listen. I truly believe he called me to be a part of this course so that I can have a larger impact. If you are struggling to cope and wants some extra support, I encourage you to consider taking this course. It is self-paced so if you miss a day, no biggie; you can make it up later.

If you are interested in learning more about the course, click here.

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