Hard Things Can Be Scary

Do you ever shy away from tough challenges for fear that you might fail? For years my first husband, Michael, asked me to climb Mt. Yonah with him. Every time he asked, my answer was the same. “No way. It’s too tough.”

It was several years after he died when I finally tackled this mountain (literally) for the first time. Covered in sweat and breathing heavily, I stood tall as I looked across the expansive view. I was so very proud. I had done what I thought was unattainable. My fears prevented me from experiencing the majestic view from the top.

Since that day, I’ve climbed Mt. Yonah multiple times, wondering what it was that intimidated me about it for so long. It has made me wonder what else have I avoided because it seemed too difficult or scary.

I don’t want fear to keep me from living life; I want to stretch myself and accept new challenges that will ultimately help me grow. What “hard things” have you been tempted to try but let fear keep you from?

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