Honoring my Mother at Graduation!

It’s that time of year again — GRADUATION! It is such an honor to teach aspiring minds. Today, one of our psychology students was asking me about the stole stole I wear as part of my regalia. I was delighted to share with her that in graduate school, we were challenged to wear the stole in honor of someone who helped us in our educational pursuits. I wear mine in honor of my mom, Kaye Guthrie.

All of my life, my mom has sacrificed her wants and desires for the sake of others. She gave up her dream of going to college and being a teacher in order to stay home and parent my brother and me. More recently, she tirelessly cared for my stepdad as he battled his final stages of liver failure.

My mom has taught me to love sacrificially. She manages to hold our family together in times of crisis, and she does it with dignity and grace. I thought it befitting this Mother’s Day to write this post in honor of my mom. I am a better mother because of her influence in my life. I thank God for my mama.


                       Three generations…taken at my own graduation in 2016.

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