Close Call

Jeff and I were talking as we drove home after lunch. As we approached the hill, a young girl (4 or 5) came barreling toward us on her bicycle. Jeff slammed on the brakes, and exclaimed, “What is she doing?” At that moment, I looked up and saw the terrified expression on the girl’s face. She turned the steering wheel just in time to avoid a collision but continued to race downhill toward a major highway. Before we could even speak, her parents came running down the hill screaming after her. She was out of control and didn’t know how to brake. Frozen, we watched in horror. “Go into the grass,” her dad shouted. Without warning, she was able to stop the bike. Her dad snatched her up in one arm and the bike in the other and carried her to safety.

We sat speechless for some time. The results could have been disastrous. I wondered how often I think I know what I am doing and take off on my own determined to do things my way. How many times has God rescued me from myself? Just like this young father, our heavenly Father rescues us with compassion and grace. He opens his arms wide offering comfort when we are afraid. Instead of lectures, he meets us with love and forgiveness.

I still feel tension in my neck and shoulders when I think about the young girl and her harried expression, but the joy in my soul abounds when I think of her father’s response. I am so grateful we have a good, good Father who rescues us when we feel hopeless. He sees us and he cares.

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