Golden Scrolls and Christian Market Awards

I was sitting beside my friend, Candice, with butterflies in my stomach as they announced the finalists for the Christian Market Awards in the Memoir category. They gave away honorable mention, third, second, and finally, first place. My name was not called. I was really not surprised. This was my first time ever being a finalist for a book award and I felt incredibly grateful for the opportunity. The emcees continued to give away awards in other categories and I grinned and celebrated with the winners. After quite some time, they began talking about the Christian Book of the Year. If I am honest, I was only half listening at this point.

The more they shared, my ears began to perk up. Were they talking about Seeking Answers, Finding Peace? Nah, there was no way. When I heard my name, I felt the tears pooling behind my eyes. How did this happen? Was this for real? I was genuinely speechless, and it still seems a bit surreal.

Years ago, when I wrote my first book I started an LLC called Dunamis 320, based on Ephesians 3:20. I can honestly say our God is able to do far more than we could ever ask or imagine. I thank God for allowing me to share my story with others. Thank you to all who prayed for me along the way.

I am especially grateful for Candice. Without her encouragement, i was not even going to the awards banquet. When I told her I was a finalist she said, “You have to go!” I responded saying, “Are you going to go with me?” Needless to say, we made the trip to Lexington and I am so so thankful.

*Grace-based Counseling received an honorable mention in the Golden Scroll Awards Christian Education category.

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