Change: It’s All About Perspective

I grew up in South Georgia, where it was mostly one season — HOT. Because of this, as an adult, I’ve always loved the days leading up to a new season; it doesn’t matter if it is fall, winter, spring, or summer. Each one brings new beauty and new opportunities. Not everyone shares my love for the seasons; many begrudge the coming of winter. Change can be difficult.

This summer was an epic one for our family. It ushered us into a new season — empty nest. Our daughter, Jorjanne, married her high school sweetheart. We couldn’t be happier for the two of them. We have been blessed to watch them grow and mature individually and as a couple. Almost weekly someone will ask, “How are you doing now that Jorjanne is married?” I am not sure what they expect me to say, but my response is the same. “I am thrilled for them, and I look forward to this new season in our lives.”

I know that being empty nesters will have its challenges (the same as it will for the newlyweds). We can dread change, or we can embrace it. It’s all about perspective.

Just moments before writing this post, I was scrolling through all of the back-to-school pictures posted by my friends. It seems like yesterday we were there. While I miss those days, I don’t want to focus so much on what has passed that I miss the present. I’m asking God to help me be intentional to live for today.

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